Raw material traceability
made simple

Helping companies become accountable by creating transparency in the supply chain.

Circular Polymer

GreenToken can track the origin of plastic waste and the percent content of recycled plastic in new circular polymers


GreenToken can provide chain of custody information from origin to customer, proving sustainable and ethical sourcing claims


From gold to cobalt to copper and everything in between, GreenToken can track origin of ore, concentrate or amalgams to give sourcing confidence to your end customers

GreenToken by SAP

is a supply chain solution that offers companies a new level of transparency in their complex raw material supply chain. We help consumers make ethical buying decisions and improve people’s lives.

We Believe

GreenToken believes that supply chains should always be transparent, open and immutable. We strive to be reliable and trusted, our approach is simple and analytical. Our goal is to be sustainable in all aspects.

Our Shared Vision

GreenToken creates accountability and transparency across global supply chains today. We highlight proven sustainable and ethical
raw material supply chains, resulting in a better world tomorrow.

Use Cases

Unlimited Possibilities

Our launch customers have brought us numerous use cases. GreenToken will prove interesting facts across many and varied raw material supply chains., from Agri (is this crop certified sustainable?)
Energy Production (what is the carbon footprint?), Minerals and precious metals (is this ethically & sustainably produced?) to plastic waste circular economy recycling (what % of this new plastic bottle is from recycled waste and what produced that waste?)
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