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Material traceability for increased circularity in the Chemical Industry
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Track your supply chain

Your customers want to know that the raw materials in your products are sustainably sourced, child labour free and ethically traded. GreenToken gives you that transparency right back to origin, backed by blockchain based chain of custody for trust and undeniable supply chain truth that your customers will love.


Chemical flask with bubbles and arrows
Chemical Recycling of plastics and rubber tires
Applicable to all waste plastic whether recycled by mechanical or chemical process, especially hard to recycle thin film HDPE and plastic carrier bags.
A plant in crop fields
Agri raw materials & commodities
Especially those linked to deforestation such as Palm, Soya, Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa.
Chemical structure of unconventional energy sources
Alternative sources of hydrocarbons for the oil industry such as hydrocarbons from food waste and other unconventional sources.
Glittering Stone
Metals and ores
Including artisanal gold, child free cobalt, ethical labor for ores, no mercury process gold, etc.
Letter H with water bubbles
Green/Blue/Pink Hydrogen
Track H2 production from different production sources such as solar and wind power (green), gas (blue) and nuclear (pink).
Letter C with a cloud
Do you make a product with a lower carbon footprint than others?”
Link that lower CI to your product with GreenToken.


Transparency made easy

GreenToken’s unique digital twin on a blockchain approach provides transparency to any raw material facts you wish to trace such as commodity origin, child labour free or recycled/sustainable status – GreenToken uses mass balance accounting principles, but ditches batches in favour of tokens – green for good, no token for bad.

The GreenToken dashboard provides an insightful overview

Eliminate double counting

Duplicating ‘fact certificates’ is a real problem in raw material supply chains. We create a unique token that corresponds to a unique certificate of fact, and blockchain ensures that it can only be used once to guarantee the raw material. Finally, mass balance principles account for every kg of material in your supply chain, including shrink and conversion losses.

With GreenToken you can track your product trail

Clear audit reporting

Blockchain automatically keeps track of the raw material from where it started to where it ends up and makes auditing of claims trivial. "Can you prove this is sustainable?” becomes an easy question to answer with a simple report from the blockchain ledger.

GreenToken gives you the opportunity to track the exact origin of your used resources
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Our objective is to help develop a solution for the industry. Through this collaboration, we will work with industry leaders, value chains and brands to build traceability of sustainable products from origin to consumers.


Vice President & Chief Information Officer for Eastman

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NEW White Paper

White Paper

Material traceability for increased circularity in the Chemical Industry

Read now

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