Our Team

Our team is passionate about bringing a new level of transparency to the worlds opaque raw material supply chains. Our team is purpose driven and we share a vision of a better world where companies and consumers alike use the information carried in our tokens to choose proven sustainable, circular, ethical, fair trade, child labour free and lower carbon raw materials over those without any providence. Our team is GreenToken.

Meet the team

Picture of Nitin Jain
Nitin Jain
Co-Founder and General Manager
James Veale
Co-Founder and Head of GTM
Matthias Held
Head of Technology
Andrew Mehes
Head of Product and Delivery
David Rauch
Alexander Holmstroem
Antonio Estrada
Jonas Meister
Patrick Lorenz
Ganesh Pol
Anthony Tse
Product Engagement Lead
Lars Kreuzmann
Product Designer
Gabriela Rocha
UX Researcher